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Insulation Piercing Connector

CMSMS insulation piercing connector structure has been carefully designed and made ​​of high quality materials. To strengthen the plastic casing, even at high temperatures can also maintain good flexibility and strength, waterproof gasket for high-quality rubber and silicone, either housing or waterproof apron are highly resistant to corrosion, anti-aging, anti-UV and resistant to temperature changes in function. Clamp the blade is made of a special puncture contact a highly conductive material, to ensure a good electrical properties. 

Shrinkable Cable Accessories

Self-reset shrink cable accessories is a kind of new cable accessories which is prefabricated y adopting high elasticity silicon rubber.This product is provided with spcial dielectric property, the performance of resistance against tracking and corrosion are strong, spcial water ab sorption rate, the constant shrinkage force, and it will not be insulation dead angle because the cable is bended.

Din Rail Terminal Blocks

Terminal blocks are suitable for common electrical connection, according to the cross sectional area of conductor you can choose different terminal, to save space and cost.

Busbar Connections

SP1 series comb busbar is my company based on market demand has recently launched a new product, it broke through the connections continue for many years into the line of miniature circuit breakers, increase the contact area, reducing power consumption, lower temperature rise, due to the confluence Pai Woyu insulated tank, the body of the reach charged body, so the product with the use of safe, reliable, time-saving, convenient and low cost characteristics, the product is good copper manufacturing, electrical conductivity, low contact resistance, complete specifications , welcomed by users. 

Axial Fan

AC fan of variety, this is mainly used in electronic products introduced heat, universal small AC fan. The appliance industry, machinery industry, manufacturing equipment industry as well as other requirements for ventilation products are widely used.


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